Master of Ceremony

Spice up your ceremony with Goldenmouth


Crack your ribs. Get Goldenmouth to grace your event.


Quality presentation and delivery.


Goldenmouth anchors the best programmes/events/shows.

Book GoldenMouth to spice up your events

Let GoldenMouth spice up your events.
Why golden mouth

His perfect intonation with resonate voice is one of the reasons GoldenMouth is in high, competitive demand as a comedian/MC and presenter.

The Best Delivery

You can count on GoldenMouth GCFR, LPFR to make your event sail smoothly.

Authentic and Creative

He is creative, spontaneously hilarious and authentic in his jokes.

Great team

Goldenmouth GCFR works with the right team to make sure that your event is a success & a talk of the town!