Comedian of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

I am GoldenMouth

Goldenmouth is a leading player in the Comedy/Entertainment Industry in Nigeria. He has featured in comedy shows and anchored innumerable A-Class occasions/events.


Mr Chilaka Solomon Ihunna by name was born in Imo State, brought up in Abia State and relocated to Lagos in the 80s.
He is linguist and a polyglot. His stage name as you all know is GoldenMouth. He is a GCFR that is, Gospel Comedian of the Federal Republic (of Nigeria)and also called LPFR (Lafta Priest of the Federal Republic of Nigeria).
Quite a number of his materials are gospel jokes because he doesn`t like vulgar words. His motivation was propagated when he anchored his friend's birthday party almost two decades ago. It grew stronger when he reached the tertiary institution.
He has won several awards in the Comedy Industry along side great comedians like Akpororo, Ali Baba , Gordons etc.
Although his father wanted him to work in the then National Electric Power Authority-- NEPA (to take after him as an electrical engineer) his mother wanted to be medical doctor , he just found himself in comedy by the leading of destiny.
After a blighted academic stint at the Polytechnic where he went to study Mass Communication, he proceeded to study English & Political Science at Oyo State College of Education, in Oyo State. He is a graduate of English/Political Science; Mass Communication; PGDE (English);PGD (Theology). He also holds a Professional Certificate in School Administration & Educational Management. He's a member (and holds the Professional Certificate) of Association for Information & Management Science, UK (Nigeria Chapter). He holds other qualifications & certifications.
Goldenmouth GCFR is an established author with several books written and published with the latest being GREAT REQUESTS WITH A GREAT HEART.
He is a motivational speaker and career talk motivator.
He is a well-known voice on-air as an OAP. He has mentored millions of people around the globe especially the youth in leadership, authorship comedy and other areas of talents/gifts and careers. His role models are Ali Baba, Gbenga Adeyinka 1, Omo baba No 1, Emeka Smith and MC Shakara .
He performs often with all A-list comedians/MCs.
GoldenMouth puts his certificate into practice as a speaker, author and a lecturer in English Language.

Golden Mouth For Every Occasion

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GoldenMouth's level of experience, passion, and attention to detail is the assurance that your event will happen exactly as planned.


GoldenMouth natural ability and talent to bring all your guests involved will make your special event a happy celebration.

Comedy shows

Goldenmouth encourages audience participation and knows how to create an atmosphere of joy and celebration with great sense if dull moment with Goldenmouth GCFR.


He is multi-lingual (with the ability to translate in both directions on the spot), well presented, disciplined, intelligent and diligent.
He is VERY spontaneously hilarious!

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Let GoldenMouth spice up your events.
Popular Comedian cum publisher Chilaka Solomon Ihunna (GCFR/LPFR) fondly called GoldenMouth by his fans and admirers has been honoured again. 
Kabe College, Festac Town, honoured him with award of “Socio-Academic Development” for his immense and passionate contributions socially and academically…building and mentoring teaming population of youths. 
GoldenMouth Honoured Again